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Welcome to Francis Howell Junior Vikings Wrestling (Little League/Feeder Program)

The Junior Vikings Wrestling Program has been helping develop youth wrestlers since the early 1980s. The Junior Vikings system has seen some fantastic high school wrestlers in the pass through its doors. This includes wrestlers who have won NCAA Championships, a World Championship, many State Championships and many State Medals! The goal of Junior Vikings has always been to not only build a better athlete but to build a better person and help kids to make the right decisions on and off the mat and in life. 

The Junior Vikings Wrestling Mission:

Our goal is to help construct quality young men and women on and off the mat who understand the importance of hard work & giving best effort consistently.  The standards & expectations set in this program are extremely high & demanding.  But when the program is completed, the wrestlers will have the tools and self-confidence necessary to achieve their goals & make their dreams a reality.

Why Choose Junior Vikings Wrestling?

Junior Vikings practices are designed with the purpose of introducing wrestling and teaching fundamentals to to those who have never wrestled, and improving those with experience wrestling skills.  

Skills on and Off the Mat

Along with working towards the ability to perform at a higher level, the Junior Vikings Wrestling program stresses work ethic, conduct, and life lessons. But most of all, wrestlers are taught to have fun and enjoy the sport. Athletes are taught true meaning of hard work and what it means to be part of a team. These lessons are meant to carry over long after competition years end.

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